We received a feedback that on smallcase our equity curve is compared only with Nifty and Nifty Multicap whereas our mandate is to do momentum investing and therefore should be compared with momentum indices.

Here is our performance update Vs benchmarks. I took the liberty to include any index which remotely looked like our benchmark. We have included. Nifty 200 Momentum 30, MTUM , Invesco ETF,

Nifty Multicap and even Marketsmith model portfolio


You can check out and download our factsheet and performance data from HERE


We ran an interesting study on MWM smallcase to understand the frequency of rebalance and power of timing.

We pulled out data from our archives to see what our portfolio was as on 4th Jan /2021. …

Buy and hold Vs trend following.

So let us continue our discovery. We started with Nifty 200 Momentum 30 index. Mr Kudva suggested that we do it on the index itself rather than the factor.

So, here it goes.

Start date: 03/April/2005 to current.

Starting capital: 200000

Ending capital: 1534815.91

Buy and Hold Vs Riding a Trend.

UTI recently launched a fund mimicking this Index Fund. Nifty 200 momentum 30 index. The index data is available from 2005. So we thought lets see if we can run an ATR based trend system on it.

Like always , lets see what…

Memory Vs Experience

I was watching recently concluded #ChessWorldcup and Vishy Anand while doing his commentary brought up an Interesting topic.

He said,

Vladimir Fedoseev finished 4th in a 206 player Single elimination tournament…

A Simple concept of coin toss (probability and risk data coming out of it) is a wonderful way to bring home the point of Risk Management.

This would appear to be kinder-garden stuff, but trust me, be it maths, poker, chess or stock markets, you gain BIG when you have…

We received this feedback on twitter that as far as Live data is concerned (from the day you went live) You are not beating the smallcap index.

We asked this question to Wesley Gray in our podcast if Value and Momentum should be combined. He answered our question by providing a detailed backtests suggesting that they are better off run separately as they work complimentary to each other.

We at MysticWealth run Model portfolios in Momentum and…

This is another BIG one. One of the most common question asked. And it is a million dollar question isn’t it.

Problem is, there is NO ANSWER. As an advisor, you are doomed if you answer this with a strong opinion.

The reason we think there is NO answer to…

One of the most common questions we get asked is to explain the difference between UTI momentum Index fund and our signature momentum offering #MWM (MysticWealth Momentum)

Prior to this fund, mutual funds were known to select stocks on the basis of research and analyses done on fundamentals and financials…

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