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This blog compares our 02 offerings for you to decide which one suits your profile.


First difference is that MWM website is free to pick stocks from BSE universe. Smallcase in its current avatar deals in NSE Stocks ONLY. This is not a BIG difference as due to liquidity filters, BSE only stocks rarely get picked by our system.

Options Hedge.

MWM website deploys system generated option hedge strategies. Smallcase does not allow us to use derivative products. …

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This is a HOT topic these days. Bitcoin, is it a bubble or do we have some tectonic shift happening in the world of currency!!!

I had an interesting conversation with someone on prashant krish’s slack channel where he mentioned

people have the temerity to call it a currency too. Oh well Tulips rehashed 2.0 i guess and none of points in its favor explain its bubbliness.

Leave alone him, the master himself (Charlie Munger) demeaned the entire concept in as derogatory a way as one could. he called it worthless Rat Poison.

I am intrigued by the audacity of Value investors across the world. What is this EGO and where is it coming from. Why is EVERYTHING within your circle of competence. Why can’t you be MAN enough and simply say, I don’t know nothing about Bitcoin, it can crash or it can become 50x from here, it won’t matter to me. …

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Why we like PPFAS, Mysticwealth believes in one category one product.

Offering Multiple options to customer is a wonderful marketing technique which works like clockwork. In this blog, we shall discuss why it works and despite its amazing success, we at MysticWealth, not deploy it.

Doership:- When you offer choice to the customer, he/she feels empowered, you can offer a same product dressed in a different wardrobe and after choosing the product, customer feels they have taken a conscious decision using their intellect and ability to discern and discriminate between right and wrong. good and not so good. …

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Bringing home a point via numbers is NOT a very effective technique and a lot of valuable information is leaked in the cracks of boredom. A gap is formed between what you wanted to say and what the audience actually got!!!

When you say the same thing by building some sort of narrative, or a story, it is better received. We have been guilty of bringing forward our performance numbers in same boring way!!, so I thought let me explore the other side.

The year is 2017 and its the start of the new fiscal year (April 1). 02 friends Gajodhar and Bakshi start off their journey of investments with a sum of Rs 35 lakhs each. …

Hi friends

This is an introduction blog for our options offering at MysticWealth. Mystic wealth Options or MWO in short.

MWO is a Risk defined short volatility portfolio. This was a closed group of like minded people shorting volatility. On popular demand, we are opening this up for new members.

It has ZERO risk of ruin due to BLACK or any other color, SWAN due to A) conservative leverage and b) Risk defined trades, No overnight shocks.

This portfolio was initially started with Rs 10 lakhs and discretionary shorting of volatility.

Dear members and friends,

Mystic Wealth has been offering Model portfolio services in the domains of Momentum, Value and Options.

We have SEBI registered RIA license to conduct these services. With the new rules getting implemented and dust settling, we realize that since we do not provide customized advisory to individual clients, we can run our services as an RA (Research Analyst) and do not require to be a RIA which is a bigger branch covering a gamut of offerings.

And therefore, on legal advice, we are in a process of applying for a RA license.

The on boarding procedure and subscription plans will change to match the RA regime. The Risk profiling of clients is NO longer our responsibility. Our endeavor would be to publish the research (Model portfolios) only. This is what we were doing earlier as well. …

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I am big fan of Magnus Carlsen. In his brand of chess, he teaches us a thing or two about how to manage money (Investments).

For the uninitiated, Magnus is not flamboyant At all. And we all know that flamboyant always get the limelight be it chess or life.

See this clip, how Magnus got pissed at this partiality.

In chess world, champions like Anderson, TAL or Morphy were known to pull off miracles, sacrificing almost everything to mate the opponent. And when it comes off, you are hailed a HERO. A LEGEND.

Magnus on the other hand, is a grinder. He slowly but steadily gets into positions where there are only 02 possibilities, A draw if you play well, A win (for him) if you blunder due to boredom. …

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DSP Mutual fund twiter handle did an interesting poll the other day under the hashtag #Breakthebias

#BreakTheBias Poll!

If the last 5 coin flips were:

What’s the probability on the next coin flip?

- DSP Mutual Fund (@dspmf) June 13, 2020

It is a fascinating question and of-course the obvious rational answer is that if the coin is NOT Rigged (Like in the movie Sholay), every new coin flip would have the same 50% probability of coming as Tails or heads. Past performance has absolutely no bearing on probability of what happens next.


What is the practical utility of this information. The message of this breaking the bias is that in situations, where the variables are defined, you should be going with the probability of an event and not get swayed by recency of results.

Disclaimer: This blog may hurt your EGO hard, Real hard.

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you must have heard of a famous quote

Concentrate on Process, Not on result

In essence this is Vedanta’s core message.

Now link this quote with the information that you already have. “ Common sense is NOT common (90% of market participants are IDIOTS) and therefore they will invariably judge you on Results and not Process.

Armed with this knowledge, you can play this weakness by igniting the influence factors and showcasing your “RESULTS”.

You guys must have read of this AGE old ponzi scheme,

Make an email list of 10 lakh people, divide that list equally into 02 (5 lakh each). Create An Intra day newsletter. Send the recommendation, “Buy Reliance today” to 01 list and “Sell Reliance today” to 02nd list. …

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I recently read this article by Cass R. Sunstein (for the uninitiated, he is co-author of a psychology book “Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness.”)

The Cognitive Bias That Makes Us Panic About Coronavirus

Essentially, this article as the name suggests points out human folly of getting scared due to an exaggerated sense of their own personal risk and the reason of this “bias” is what he calls “ probability Neglect”.

This way of thinking is WRONG at so many levels, i don’t know from where to begin. But Lets start from the word, “Probability Neglect”.

Probability betting, or taking any decision based on Odds work in the fields where the VARIABLES while unknown are atleast DEFINED. Say you are playing poker, you are dealt 02 cards. You can calculate the odds from that moment itself. With each additional card thrown in, ( Bayes ‘ theorem) the odds keep changing, but still remain within the DEFINED framework and therefore you can calculate it or make AN INTELLIGENT guess. And in the long run, accounting for luck, your results will reflect your ability to understand probability. …


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