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ART OF Compartmentalization

All successful people have had 01 thing in common. They did not allow any aspect of their life affect their core competence, their LIFE WORK.

Make no mistake, life isn’t fair, and it is fair to assume that everybody must have received their share of crap. Charlie munger uneventful as his life may appear, had to go through a painful divorce and death of his young son.

Its not about the amount of crap but your reaction to it that differentiates men from the boys.

Vivekananada said this a long long time ago while propagating the essence of karma yoga.

Take one idea, take it so seriously that you breathe it, you feel it in your veins, you become 01 with that idea so much so that nothing else matters. You keep thinking about it to the exclusion of all other ideas. That is the secret to success.

I cannot help but get the same feeling when I look at the lives of Albert Einstein. (he despised his wife, was miserable with her, she left him, took the kids)

Steve jobs was no exception, his relationship with his girlfriend and her daughter is well documented. Our own Warren Buffett was not far away from living a lopsided and unbalanced life finally culminating into his wife leaving him.

Let me make this topic more interesting, How about if i say, none of these men would have achieved what they did if let us say they were more balanced. What do you say to that!!!

If Albert Einstein allowed his wonderful and beautiful mind to get affected by the household chores and nagging of his wife, you can pretty much bid adiu to the theory of relativity.

Same with Steve jobs and warren.

A lot depends on how you define success as well. While Vivekananda’s secret of success is to concentrate and focus all your energy on task at hand, it comes at a price. The price is a lopsided life. So extraordinary achievement requires extraordinary sacrifices.

But can somebody have his cake and eat it too. Ed Thorpe partially answered that question on being asked about the quantum of money earned by him compared to Warren Buffet.

Success need not be an exclusive ideology, it all depends on priorities of an individual. Holistic growth can be a priority for some, while others stick with worldly wisdom. Yet others might get intrigued by the self discovery aspect of it and explore spirituality or basic questions like, why are we here again turning the search lopsided and unbalanced.

Actually lopsided and unbalanced is a subjective term used as a scale on a bell curve. The 4 and above sigma individuals who achieve outlier success or failure are bound to be lopsided and unbalanced individuals.

You will have drug addicts and power hungry politicians on left side and individual geniuses, (Intelligent fanatics) on the right side of otherwise normal distribution curve of human existence.

Yet another interesting question that I keep pondering about is that 4 sigma and above outlier individuals on either side of the bell curve that we are talking about, are they chosen randomly or is there a pattern there 2, or is it my pattern seeking mind in need to quench its thirst.

Thank you for reading a rather confusing (unbalanced and lopsided) blog, i don’t have any conclusions to offer on this one.

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