Boatman and the philosopher

Interesting Story of Pompous, intellectual superiority complex.

As part of my Yogananda meditation course, I came across a very interesting story, paraphrasing it below to draw very interesting stock market parables.

A well read Swami of some Hindu order once took a boat ride across a river to reach a temple. To break the monotony of silence and showcase his acquired knowledge, he asked the boatman, “excuse me boatman, let me ask you a question, as it is of great importance in life, Have you read the RIG Veda?.”

“No Sir, I have not” replied the boatman. Swami anticipated this answer anyways and proclaimed, “Mr Boatman, I am sorry to say that if you do not know this First veda, you can consider 25% of your life, your existence a waste”.

Boatman took the insult in his stride and continued to row the boat.

Not satisfied with the vanity win, philosopher continued, “Mr Boatman, I must ask you if you have atleast read the sama veda”.

Now the boatman was visibly annoyed, but he still replied out of courtesy and said, “no sir, not even sama veda”.

Swami pityingly responded, “Consider 50% of your life as wasted”.

The small craft was nearing the middle of the river, and the wind had become a little strong.

By this time, Swami was gleiing with his superiority complex and decided to rub the salt one more time and asked, “ Mr. boatman, tell me, have you read the Yajur Veda”

Boatman had lost all his patience and retorted, “ I have told you Mr Philosopher, I have not even heard of these books, leave alone read them Why are you doing this?”

Philosopher said, “well it is my duty to declare that you have wasted 75% of your life here on earth and it is almost unredeemable”.

Ten minutes had passed in silence, when suddenly a strong storm ripped the veils of clouds, weather had taken a sudden U turn (like Kejriwal). The boat started swinging like a floating leaf and it looked imminent that it won’t last long.

While boatman had a serene look of assurance on his face, the Philosopher was shivering in fear.

It was boatman’s turn to ask the question, “Mr Philosopher, the knower of the 4 vedas, I hope you know how to SWIM”?.

To this, Swami replied in a trembling voice, “No Boatman, I do not know how to Swim”.

With a smiling indifference, Boatman uttered the final remarks of this sad story, “I am sorry to have to declare to you that one 100 percent of your life is soon going to be lost”. With that he jumped and successfully swam to the shores.

I leave the stock market comparison to the audience’s imagination. My conclusion was simple, Stock market is a PENDULAM and if you don’t know how to SWIM, (cash out), you will drown with all your bookish knowledge.

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