How 2 get Rich in Stock Markets

Disclaimer: This blog may hurt your EGO hard, Real hard.

you must have heard of a famous quote

Concentrate on Process, Not on result

In essence this is Vedanta’s core message.

Now link this quote with the information that you already have. “ Common sense is NOT common (90% of market participants are IDIOTS) and therefore they will invariably judge you on Results and not Process.

Armed with this knowledge, you can play this weakness by igniting the influence factors and showcasing your “RESULTS”.

You guys must have read of this AGE old ponzi scheme,

Make an email list of 10 lakh people, divide that list equally into 02 (5 lakh each). Create An Intra day newsletter. Send the recommendation, “Buy Reliance today” to 01 list and “Sell Reliance today” to 02nd list.

Lets say Reliance rallied that day, now simply discard the list of 5 lakh people who received sell reliance newsletter and keep the winning list.

Now next day, run the same exercise on the winner lot by recommending “Buy Mindtree today” to half and “sell Mindtree” to other half.

After 6 iterations, you will have 7812 people left who would think you are some kind of genius who got ALL 06 CALLS RIGHT.

In the seventh mail, launch your paid services with a landing page showcasing your last 06 wins, along with couple of testimonials. Price it at a reasonable Rs 15k/ year.

If 3% of the winning audience buy your product, you have pocketed Rs 35 lakhs.

This was an OLD way, things have improved considerably, thanks to Technology and youtube in town.

Simply Open 02 brokerage A/cs. Buy 30 lots of banknifty in 01 account, and yes, you guessed it, short 30 lots in second account. For all practical purposes, you are NOW HEDGED. (minus brokerage and slippage). Keep recording the entire day’s proceedings on both accounts.

Lets say Banknifty moved 500 points. The profit a/c would show a Net gain of Rs 3 lakhs. Simply discard the loss making a/c video and build a voice over on the winning video with a narrative of what you did where and why.

Don’t worry about the strategy, it will look robust and awesome and magical. That is the power of hindsight. If I showcase 3 lakh profit and tell you I shagged every time price touched VWAP, you will believe me. Bwhahahaha.

That’s how color of money thwarts the mind. All this happens at a sub-conscious level. We are programmed to judge success with money and therefore our mind does a QUICK flip and discard any warning signs.

This strategy is still naive, there is another one in town and this one takes the cake.

Convince a high net-worth individual that his idle money should be put to good use and made to work. Throw in a lecture about compounding (copy it from any mutual fund website).

Once he is convinced, simply pledge all his holdings and use the margin to write OTM options trading at Rs 5 every Thursday.

99.99% of the time, these will expire worthless. On 10 crores margin you can show a profit of Rs 3,00,000 every fucking week. Ofcourse, create the screenshots of these profits and sprinkle them generously all across social media handles. It would also help if you get yourself clicked in opulence. You know the full nine yards, A swanky car, A 12 bedroom house, trading with a view, a 5 star hotel, a vacation in Malibu or wherever, you get the drift.

You see, the point I am trying to make is that because you are judged on Results and not process, you can create a narrative around that. Beauty of Money showing is that people will not ask you basic questions around “How you got it”, what is the ROI, What is the risk, What was your drawdown etc etc. and even if they do, any bogus answer will be cheered. The reason is that they are sold even before you pitched.

And for those handful of idiots who question you on your process, They are not your audience anyways, simply block them on twitter by labeling them jealous people.

So you say, from here ON I will judge every one on PROCESS and not results. Let me open up a SECOND pandora box, you are in for another fraud in town.

Here is some food for thought, NEVER judge or blame a bias. This human bias of judging success based on results and performance is well founded. How else do you judge anybody. Pendulum swung on the other side would have a lot of narrative selling GYAAN vendors with ZERO PERFORMANCE.

They will simply urge you not to judge them on results and be in it for a LONG TERM. They will write beautiful prose on human biases, important concepts, how to live life, how to be frugal, how to be this and how to be that but make no mistake, they and their gyaan has absolutely nothing to do with RETURNS.

The power of narrative is SO STRONG that even Anonymous handles with zero accountability can command respect and stature. (although in this case, no monetary loss would accrue to victims)

The correct way, like always is somewhere in the middle. Pendulum should not be allowed to swing the OTHER WAY. It ain’t easy, it never is.

This awareness by the way is applicable on almost every sphere of your life and not just stock market.

If you err on that side, you run a risk of somebody showcasing his “narrative” of results and numbing your thinking brain.

If you err on this side, you run a risk of somebody showcasing his “narrative” of process and numbing your thinking brain.

If you don’t err on either side and read this article, you run a risk of ME showcasing my “narrative” of Rational thinking and numb your thinking brain.

I know how you wish to read an article which ends on a positive note and some kind of closure, that is the power of narrative, we are always looking for a STORY. But this article has NO ending, leave alone happy.

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