In Praise of Fuck U money.

What is fuck U money?

Amount of money that allows you to Say, “FUCK YOU” to about anyone.

Question. Manners, courtesy and etiquettes aside, what exactly stops you from Saying FUCK YOU to anyone!! even when you want 2.

Answer: DEPENDENCE or in short SLAVERY.

You cannot say FUCK YOU to anyone even when every core of your body inside wants to say it, is because you are afraid of the consequences. It is because your bread depends on NOT SAYING IT.

In life, general idea is to reach a stage where U DONT GIVE A FUCK, or in another words can say FUCK YOU to a FUCK UP.

All the financial independence mathematics aside, this is one simple benchmark to figure out if u r actually FREE.

Here is a Video to bring home the point.

A lot of you must be thinking that it is a rude and arrogant way to convey a message but as the singer Bob Dylan rightly said, “Money doesn’t talk, It SWEARS”. ;)

This analogy holds true for any sphere of your life. The concept of FUCK YOU money has more to do with your frugality/contentment and self worth rather than the quantum of money at your disposal.

Let me explain this with an example from a Non finance domain.

Imagine yourself to be a young lad newly into college. A real hot girl shows up with all her nakhras and tantrums and asks you, wait no, because she is aware that she is hot, she commands you to do a favor.

If you are like one of a million guys in a sex starved nation, you would simply oblige and comply. But if you are a guy who is content.(you know wat i mean),or you have self esteem (rare for a 20 something guy running on hormones) you would then have the gumption and the courage to show her the MIDDLE FINGER.

see the video below how zakhir bhai conveys the same message

On a serious note, FUCK YOU MONEY ensures INTEGRITY. How you ask??

you are less likely to endorse stupid products, write, read, speak what you don’t mean because you do not have any incentive to do it or the incentive does not control you enough.


There is an AMAZING IRONY hidden in this entire phenomenon. You start becoming insanely & unprecedentedly successful when you do not give a fuck to the result. I am not writing any self help blog or GEETA gyan here but talking from experience.

You place better bets with proper risk management when that money is something you don’t care about (or care a lot less about). You are able to withstand the drawdown when your bread is not affected by that fall. You let your winners become BIGGER because you do not have any complulsion to take them out.

Even on the other front, you are more likely to get lucky when you treat that hot chick just like any other dame and not get overwhelmed.

And besides, even if it doesn’t work, you atleast sleep well at nite with your self esteem intact.

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