MWM website Vs MWM Smallcase.


First difference is that MWM website is free to pick stocks from BSE universe. Smallcase in its current avatar deals in NSE Stocks ONLY. This is not a BIG difference as due to liquidity filters, BSE only stocks rarely get picked by our system.

Options Hedge.

MWM website deploys system generated option hedge strategies. Smallcase does not allow us to use derivative products. Please note that this is an insurance undertaking and does not generate alpha, infact MWM smallcase is almost always trading a few percentage points above MWM website due to this insurance cost.

Partial Booking.

We have recently coded and deployed a partial profit booking algorithm which is/will run on MWM website and NOT on smallcase. While this algorithm increases the number of trades, it is reducing the drawdowns as per the back-test.

Limit Order Vs Market order

MWM Smallcase members have ease of execution. A single click of a button and our model portfolio gets replicated onto their dmat. This ease comes at a price. Smallcase orders are placed as market orders whereas MWM website members buy the recommended stocks in a staggered way placing limit orders.


If you are managing a BIG sum (say 20 lakhs +), you need to avoid the impact cost of market orders and therefore you should choose MWM website. Similarly, if you do not have time to manually make changes every week, go for the smallcase.



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