MWO now taking new members.

Hi friends

This is an introduction blog for our options offering at MysticWealth. Mystic wealth Options or MWO in short.

MWO is a Risk defined short volatility portfolio. This was a closed group of like minded people shorting volatility. On popular demand, we are opening this up for new members.

It has ZERO risk of ruin due to BLACK or any other color, SWAN due to A) conservative leverage and b) Risk defined trades, No overnight shocks.

This portfolio was initially started with Rs 10 lakhs and discretionary shorting of volatility. We have averaged 14% cagr in the last 03 years.

As we speak, portfolio is at Rs 16 lakhs and will deploy 03 strategies conservatively leveraged to generate a smooth equity curve with bearable drawdowns.

Please click here to download the strategy brochure.

Since we want existing members to get onboard, we are initially pricing the Subscription at 5900/+

You can avail the same price by enrolling now.

Once the existing 72 group members subscribe, we will revise the Subscription to Rs 15000/+

Check out the intro video of the strategy.

Happy to help.

Please feel free to email us for any questions, suggestions, feedback or inquiry at

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