Mystic Wealth App

Dear Members,

Our recent presentation at a CFA event was very well received and has generated immense interest amongst the audience.

We are glad that people have woken up to the power of uncorrelated strategies. How it maintains the same (almost) return structure while reducing the drawdowns considerably.

If you have not seen it already, please take out some time and watch it here

Mystic Wealth App


We received a feedback that investors interested in having an exposure to both the factors (Momentum and Value) are finding our offering expensive since they have to buy both small cases separately. (There is no feature of a combined offer in smallcase)

To account for this problem, we are launching our, “MYSTIC WEALTH APP”.

Apple users need to become a member here, and then download this IOS app

All 03 portfolios (MWM, MWV and MMG) will be available at a single price point.

Please note that this product is for truly DIY investor. There is no broker integration and therefore client needs to punch in his own orders manually. (this also takes care of slippages accruing out of market orders).

To ensure that we have wider participation, the combined offering is priced at

Rs 9999/ + GST.

On a Rs 10 lakh portfolio, that comes to a fee of 1% per annum.

Even if you are not decided yet, please download the app and be part of a vibrant community we are building where we discuss the latest in factor research and other interesting topics.