Real heroes are never worshipped.

I got inspiration to write this blog after seeing the below poster

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Baba Taleb says amazingly the real heroes are never acknowledged leave alone worshiped. Before we prove this axiom, let us define who a real hero is.

A real hero is a person who helps in avoiding a catastrophe. What I am trying to bring forward is the difference between fire fighters and people who prevent the fire.

Once a fire is raging, you would need a different kind of heroics, somebody putting his/her life at stake, pulling out a miracle, working against the odds, someone who somehow pulls a rabbit out of thin air and the world acknowledges and applauds. The world acknowledges and applauds because of sheer magnitude of Vividness.

Compare this to a rule following, consistent fire drill representative who pesters every employee with do’s and don’ts and maintains the building standards in accordance with the required benchmarks to ensure that the catastrophe never happens. Do you think he will ever get his dues.

Nope, it is not in nature of people (due to psychological biases) to honor and acknowledge the real heroes. Infact he would be ridiculed. A fire drill rep who is consistently working as per his manual is more likely to rub someone the wrong way. Preventive medicine is always hard and irritating. It is easier to pop a pill than to exercise daily or NOT eat SHIT.

Lets take another example before we come to cricket. Let us take a hot topic of Airplane Hijacking. Who is the real hero, the frisker who is doing a great job everyday by bothering you to take off your wallet, coins, belt, shoes and saving a 100 hijacks in his career Vs a circumstantial hero who overpowered hijackers in one off incident.

The true hero in the Black Swan world is someone who prevents a calamity and, naturally, because the calamity did not happen, does not get recognition — or a bonus — for it. “NNT”

Going by this definition, The real hero of Indian Cricket team was RAHUL DRAVID. An unsung hero. He was so consistent in his service to the nation (batting + wicket keeping) that he must have prevented a 100 collapses. But since the calamity did not happen, he did not become a hero. (at least not as BIG as he should have)

Lets take a final example of Kargil war. It was a goofup on part of Indian Army to allow and let Pakistan infiltrate and capture our land. We later fought bravely to get back what originally was ours. In this process we created and acknowledged many heroes.

Let us now move into parallel history and think about a man who due to his efficient diligence spotted the Pakistan infiltrators and alarmed the authorities in time to thwart that effort. Do you think that man will get a WAR HERO status.

Nope, NEVER….. Consistency is a hard sell. Flamboyance on the other hand has a lot of takers……..

DISCLAIMERS: Let me get disclaimers out of the way to avoid any miscommunication. I am a very passionate writer and often times showcase a lopsided view of the picture. There are 02 ways to correct it, A) I write a balanced article or B) write a disclaimer that views can be opinionated and biased. I thought about it and realized that my chutzpah and oomph and purpose of writing get defeated if I write a balanced, diplomatically correct piece. I would end up becoming (people) I make fun of.

The disclaimer is : I personally feel that Sachin ramesh Tendulkar at a lot of times played for his milestones and was a selfish prick, he delayed his retirement for too long, was a burden on the team for a stretch which by Australian standards can be termed as Assholish. While all that is true, I have a lot of respect for Sachin Tendulkar since I grew up when Indian team constituted of Sachin and the 9 pins. And it was larger than life to see individual brilliance in a team sport (Sharjah storm affected match, I was in a hotel room in Bangalore, crying while watching master at work)

Having said that my respect for Rahul Dravid is 100X more than Sachin could ever reach. Blog here.

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