Selection of a mentor.


Evolution decides your God. You get what you deserve. No free lunch

I had a fascinating conversation with my friend about SEBI’s latest guidelines for financial influencers.

While what the regulator is doing is note-worthy and commendable, our conversation steered into parallels between finance and religion.

I noticed an interesting similarity. Be it your God or financial mentor, your choice is a function of your evolution.

Let us look at this spiritual statement uttered by Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Shift your attention from words to silence and you will hear.

Imagine if you read this to a person who is barely meeting his ends, struggling to put food on the table. 9 out of 10 times, this will lead to the enhancement of your vocabulary. (you will learn an expletive word in a local vernacular)

A similar fate awaits you if you create an amazing video on position sizing and the role it plays in the corresponding equity curve.

At that end of evolution, people are looking for Sai baba who could do miracles, or a Rachna or Akshat something who can do Facial Mujras and dumb down a topic for easy and quick consumption.

Your Evolution decides what you are attracted to.

The other day Prashanth Mullick ( said its great that #verifiedbysensibul has become popular, Now I just need to block these keywords and I am saved from ALL the Noise and KACHRA.

But at a lower rung of evolution, you will see hordes of people lining up and becoming fanboys of these screenshot handles.

There are very few people who learn vicariously (other people’s mistakes). The majority of evolution involves falling yourself and realizing “THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH”