Surgical Strike2 and useful idiots

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Last few days have been unprecedented in our Land’s History.

We have watched our country getting humiliated time and again by our neighbour’s sponsored skirmishes and covert operations and the reason we could not retaliate were

  1. International pressure in doing an Overt operation in response to covert.
  2. 0 Political Will
  3. India is a peace loving country narrative.

Being a peaceful country is a noble and worthy ambition, but tolerating intolerance is not only NOT NOBLE but outright cowardly. Read popper’s Paradox.

All those people who are praising IAF and not Modi need to keep 01 simple thing in mind.

26/11 was more brutal and painful to our psyche than Pulwama attack and yet Spineless, 0 political will nincompoop govt at that time bit the bullet and DID absolutely Nothing.

The reason of my writing this blog today is NOT to praise MODI, that should have been obvious (sadly, not the case). My reason is to bring home a more potent observation.

It is a startling fact, despite being a terrorist state and having a horrible world image, apparently their self image and self worth is not bad at all.

Ofcourse the reason for that is that press is NOT free there and people are brain-washed to believe the govt narrative.

Surely those are not the things to emulate and I am not even suggesting that. What, however I am suggesting is that in India, in name of Free speech, we have idiots playing into the hands of opposition. (Either that or they are downright traitors)

In the day and age of Internet and social media, WAR is not confined to the battle grounds only, Psychological warfare is carried out to demoralize the morale of opposition.

Let me give you an example,

Pakistan media populated a twitter handle @rz399 claiming its of veteran IAF pilot Ram prakash.

From that handle, they started a propaganda tweeting demoralizing tweets like, “ 02 of our IAF planes have crashed, just spoke with my colleagues, morale is very down in the camp”.

And this is where social media takes over and the strategy starts working like magic.

Before you note, a few hundred Free thinking, liberal, secular, rational Indians would start re tweeting that message.

I caught and confronted 01 such person on my timeline @larissafernand

to which she said, “I don’t even remember” (The tweets are now deleted)

NOW my reason of writing this blog is not to pin point any particular person but to explain how this strategy works.

Just like भूत-प्रेत thing usually hits those who believe in it and are more susceptible to it, similarly people with flawed priorities (personal prejudice > national interest) are more likely to retweet an anti national tweet “without even thinking or remembering”. This shit works at a sub conscious level, they are not even aware of what they did.

and remember this is just an example, many more such games were played which suckers fell for.

Let me give you an invert example to make it loud and clear

Some Indian media claimed that India killed 300 terrorists in the strike. You will not find a SINGLE pakistani retweeting that.

Let that sink in.

We are surrounded by self stabbing civilians, A sense of Nation can never be developed with such nincompoops around.

Here is another example

May I know, what has Imran Khan done exactly. Agreed to return 01 pilot, which he is suppose to do anyways as per GENEVA convention.

and this

Once again, nobody told me that there was a match going on where this women would be the referee judging prime minsters on diplomacy, war strategy and public outreach.

Who gives a fuck to what Imran khan has to say or has said as these are hollow meaningless oratory skills of a puppet. That is like praising and keeping a snake at home for its skin.

Lets not forget the main point. All the strategists, these organizations like Jaish and shit, these KILLERS of Indian civilians live freely in Pakistan and that Orator par excellence is hand in glove with them. So think before you praise you dumb fucks.

I was very depressed with all these developments and seeing self stabbing douchebags demeaning their own nation when my good friend @shahdarshan re assured me that these sikular jokers are confined to media and twitter only. Majority of the country is in sync with reality and are smart enough not to praise and keep a snake at home for its skin.

Make no mistake guys, Something Unprecedented has happened. We have done an Israel on them. Setting a new normal to enter their territory and killing at will.

Ofcourse, this is not a solution, far from it as terrorism would continue, snakes remain snakes for their entire lifetime. Long term solution lies in breaking pakistan into 04 separate countries and do what they have successfully done in kashmir.

comments are welcome.

Those of you interested in knowing more about this psychological warfare, please watch this video and more to know how useful idiots are used and thrown by opposition

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