What’s Brewing. 11th November, 2023

Dear Friends,

Happy weekend. Here is a quick review of things we are upto and books/blogs we are reading to stay abreast.

Here’s wishing you and your Family a very Happy and prosperous DIWALI. Thank you for being part of Mystic Wealth journey, look forward to many more years together.

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Market update

November seasonality is playing out, Nifty hit a 10D high cycle and moved 1% up this week. Crude oil slipping drastically is also aiding the script. The real action was ofcourse in the mid and smallcaps. Both MWM and MMG have hit ATH, while MWV is 3% away due to (40% cash).

Just to give you a glimpse of what we have achieved so far, please have a look at the stat below

These are NOT returns, but the EXCESS returns over and above Nifty 500. In cricketing parlance, we have not beaten the index, we have decimated it.

Mystic Wealth APP

We have received positive response for our recently launched APP. All the product updates and rebalances will be pushed via APP now. We shall be discontinuing the Free Telegram channel by Diwali.

If you have not done it yet, please download the App.

Blast from the past

Listen in to this fascinating Twitter spaces we did with Prince covering everything around Momentum investing.


It is our endeavor to simplify the Industry jargon and make it easy for you to comprehend the nuances. One of those attempts, we tried to explain the GROSSman Stiglitz paradox. Do give it a read.

Re read this old blog from Ankur Jain on Focus and information overload. The writing is relevant (if not more) NOW.


Came across (Mark Minervini’s tweet) this Course in Miracles Looks very intense and interesting.

That’s it for now

Stay blessed,

Manish Dhawan.