What’s Brewing. 15/Dec/2023

Dear Friends,

Happy weekend. Here is a quick review of things we are upto and books/blogs we are reading to stay abreast.

Market update

This is the weekly snapshot of Nifty 50 stocks this week. Momentum has slowed down in the broader markets and action is shifting to large caps. Fed pause and hinting at rate cuts was cheered by the US markets. Everything is in bull market, Indian Stocks, US stocks, Gold and Silver and even Crypto.


There are NO Changes in #MWV 01 change in #MWM.

Oh #MMG hits a 50!!. Thats 26% CAGR with a below 5% DD this year.

Our Dayanand Deshpande would be sharing an Idea tomorrow at Investing Accelerator summit


Mystic Wealth APP

We have received positive response for our recently launched APP. All the product updates and rebalances will be pushed via APP now. Free Telegram channel is Now discontinued..

If you have not done it yet, please download the App.


Clifford Asness shared this wonderful blog on Twitter, read the ups and downs of quant world.


Came across this book in my dad’s cupboard. The First and Last freedom. 10 pages into it with foreword by Aldous Huxley, this looks a fascinating read.

Thats it for now,

Happy weekend.