Dear Friends,

Happy weekend. Here is a quick review of things we are upto and books/blogs we are reading to stay abreast.

Market update

The usual. Crude corrected further, Equity markets rallied further. US equities did well and so did Gold. All our products hit new ATHs. Like we maintain, It is IMPOSSIBLE to predict the markets in the short term.

Blogs and Articles of Interest.

Importance of writing down your Investment rationale avoiding post facto bravado.

RBI raises Risk weights on unsecured retail loans.

Blast from the past

Watch this detailed presentation on POSITION SIZING by Manish Dhawan.

Mystic Wealth APP

We have received positive response for our recently launched APP. All the product updates and rebalances will be pushed via APP now. Free Telegram channel will Now be discontinued..

If you have not done it yet, please download the App.


That Course in Miracles book was too heavy for me, left it after a few pages itself. It ain’t for everyone I guess. Searching for a new book now.