Dear Friends,

Happy weekend. Here is a quick review of things we are upto and books/blogs we are reading to stay abreast.

Market update

REALITY Sector was a clear winner this week as it has been the entire financial year (80% return). PSU banks on the other hand are cooling off after a great move.

#MWV did better than #MWM this week despite being in so much cash. The ying and yang continues. Here is an interesting study we did this week and the results were startling.

GOLD is #LINDY. MMG had a max drawdown of 5% this entire time (1 Year).

**ofcourse you cannot extrapolate anything, markets just like life is a dynamic ever changing flux**.

Blogs and Articles of Interest.

Every November, like clockwork, Delhites choke and move to Twitter to Vent out their frustrations in meaningless rants. Not many people know the economics behind the stubble burning. Here is an article that tries to go deep.

Fascinating drama unfolded as board of AI sacked SAM and reinstated him a few days later, Price action on Microsoft stock price was breathtaking. here is a little background story on WHY it happened

Blast from the past

We wrote a blog detailing the cognitive trap. How our mind registers Memory Vs Experience

Mystic Wealth APP

We have received positive response for our recently launched APP. All the product updates and rebalances will be pushed via APP now. Free Telegram channel will Now be discontinued..

If you have not done it yet, please download the App.


Finally got my hands on much talked about book, ‘What I Learned About Investing from Darwin’ Lets see if its worth the hype.

That’s it for now

Stay blessed,

Manish Dhawan.